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Christina Sponias - An Interview

by Linda Della Donna

Meet Christina Sponias.

Christina Sponias is participating in the LKSummer Writing Challenge writing 30 ezinearticles in 60 days. Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Christina to ask her for an interview.

Here's what Christina Sponias has to say:

Hello Christina. I just want to say how happy I am to make your acquaintance and I thank you for allowing me the honor to do this interview.

Please tell readers a little about yourself. Where were you born?

I was born and raised in Brazil, but my parents are Greek. We had many security problems in Sao Paulo, where I was born and raised and I decided to live in Athens after finishing high school in Brazil. I started to study alone in Athens and read many books on various scientific subjects.

When did you start writing?

I have been a writer since I was a child, but I wrote poems and literary works. Only after realizing that I was too nervous I started to learn about psychology, in order to solve my problems.

I understand you know about interpreting dreams. Can you tell readers about that.

I had tremendous success with dream interpretation and I could cure many people this way, but my work was too complicated because I continued Carl Jung's research into the unknown region of the human psychic sphere. This is why I delayed presenting the results of my research to the public for so long.

Christina, I understand you are a widow. How long are you a widow? Are you alone? Where do you live? Have you family and friends?

I'm a widow since 1989, and I have a son who is 22 years old. We live with my mother. My father lives alone in Brazil. I have many relatives in Greece, some in Sweden and some in the USA, but my closest family is in Brazil. My dearest friends are dearer than brothers and sisters to me!

I'm a unique child and my parents divorced when I was 14 years old. I even helped them get separated because they were constantly fighting. My father is schizophrenic; that's why I was able to study craziness since I was a child…

I adore my son Stelio, who is a musician. He is a piano composer. He doesn't yet know what exactly to do in his life, but we share a good relationship. Our apartment is always full of his friends—it's like a hotel and a restaurant always at their disposal.

What do you do for a living?

I have a store with Italian clothes for women that my mother and my uncle gave me (but they manage it, I mainly give my opinion…). I have worked there since 1992 and I have many loyal customers. I learned there how important it is to care about my appearance because I was too indifferent in this matter.

Do you have pets?

I have no time for pets… but I like cats very much. I like dogs too; I had a wolf once, but they are much too noisy. I would prefer a sweet and smart Siamese cat if I could have one.

Your website, is very interesting. Care to describe it for readers and expand on how you hit on this writing niche?

I wanted to start with a site about dream interpretation, but I didn't have any experience with the internet and I was afraid of the traffic because I knew that if I started interpreting everyone's dreams (entirely free of charge of course, because this is philanthropic help), I would have too much work. Everyone close to me asks me about their dreams' meanings… If everyone on the Internet would do the same, I wouldn't be able to devote time to everyone properly. So I decided to prepare a simpler site first of all and write my ebooks in English, because I had everything written in Greek - it didn't help to translate these documents since professional translations are too expensive. I saw how expensive they are when translating my ebook Wisdom from Greek to English…

Fortunately, the English language is very easy and very beautiful! I enjoy writing in English and I think the simplicity of the language helps me be even more objective in my ebooks and articles. Since my first site would be made with my ebooks, it should be the site with the books I would recommend to anyone. However, I'm providing free psychotherapy to everyone through my articles. Therefore, it's not only a site with ebooks but it is also a site with many articles. I write for many related categories, and give free information and advice through my articles.

Christina, please tell readers what brought you to the LKSummer Writing Challenge with Suzanne Lieurance and Kim King? What do you hope to gain by participating in the LKSummer Writing Challenge?

I learned about it on Chris Knight's blog. I adore this blog, I adore Ezine Articles and I adore article writing! I think that article writing is an art, first of all, and it is also a way to say something very objectively in only a few words.

This Writing Challenge is making me write more. I'm writing at least one article per day.

I think I'm already gaining a lot just because I'm participating in it, and in this way I am learning what other writers think and do. It's nice to have a similar interests group, to share our thoughts and learn with others. I like it very much!

Christina, what are your writing goals for the year? What are your greatest writing obstacles? Your greatest writing accomplishments?

I intend to write many articles, give free psychotherapy to everyone and promote my ebooks. Besides the articles, I have many ebooks in mind. I don't know from where to start…

My greatest writing obstacle is the lack of time. I wish I could spend hours and hours writing… but I have many other things to do besides that. First of all, I have to give support to many people who need help. Sometimes I spend a lot of time helping them sort out their problems and visiting their homes, besides doing all my daily work at home, at the store, taking care of my son, etc.

My greatest writing accomplishment was Craziness Prevention, after 19 years of studies and research!

I also wrote another book over 6 and a half years that played a decisive role in my life. It was a literary work that I started writing after a terrible car accident I suffered when I was 15 years old. This book was full of dream symbols. It gave me the key to knowledge; that's why I could understand the dreams' meanings better than Jung himself.

Christina, do you have a favorite book? Do you have a favorite author? Any reason?

I have many favorite books and favorite authors. Most of them are Brazilians, like Carlos Drummond de Andrade and his work "Contos de Aprendiz" – Stories by an Apprentice. I like his delicate humour and his ironic observations. I like Sartre because he is very critical; Maugham too, for the same reason.

I have many favorite scientific books too, like Konrand Lorenz's "Behind the Mirror" and Alfred Hoyle's "Ten Faces of the Universe," because they are very clear, informational and helpful.

What or who motivates you in your writing?

My motivation is the necessity to put an end to craziness, poverty and many other tragedies of our world.

Since my childhood, I wanted to find a way to help everyone live happily. This was the subject of my first literary book, which I wrote when I was 14. The second book was written after a terrible car accident as I mentioned before. It was a continuation of my first work, but with a different perspective.

After these literary works, I became a scientist, researching many scientific subjects and continuing Jung's research into the unknown region of human psychic sphere, but still looking for peace and happiness. I'm very lucky because I finally found where psychic health, peace and balance rely, because this is the only way we can really live happily. Now I only have to convince mankind to accept a general psychotherapy, which is indispensable for everyone.

If you could meet one editor, Christina, and you could ask her one question, what would it be and what would you want "your" favorite editor to know about you, and your writing?

If I would meet one editor, I would ask him if he is interested in very helpful and rare books of very good quality. I'd like him to know that I'm a very serious, sincere and objective writer.

Christina, your website is exceptionally good. I visited www.booksirecommend and came away with insight, inspiration, and motivation. I especially like the the title of your ebook, "Craziness Prevention." Please tell readers one thing special about your book.

Craziness Prevention is the result of more than 19 years of studies and research. This ebook will teach its readers how to prevent craziness and how to exactly interpret their dreams and the facts and events of their daily lives, having more information about themselves, other people and our world in this way. It's an ebook they will always consult since it contains a comprehensive glossary containing the most important dream symbols—a very advanced tool for scientific dream interpretation—which I can provide only because I continued Jung's research and, therefore, I am able to understand the dreams' meanings better than my mentor, by using his own method.

And finally, Christina, what advice do you have to Prevent Craziness for a writer working at a website, writing a book, maintaining a blog, writing interviews, and living?

My advice to this writer and to everyone else is that you shall learn how to interpret your dreams because this will help you immensely for your entire lives! It's like learning a foreign language. In the beginning, you don't understand anything, but as you learn more, things become much easier. The unconscious that produces the dreams works like a real doctor that cures everyone. Dream Interpretation will be taught at schools as soon as the responsible authorities will understand its importance. Craziness is a terrible enemy! We had better eliminate it before it becomes stronger; otherwise, we'll have too many problems to face. However, adults, neurotics, depressed individuals or even people suffering from worse psychological diseases can be helped and cured through dream interpretation if they precisely follow the guidance they receive in their dreams.

Now you'll tell me that you don't have time to write down your dreams and study dream interpretation… I will tell you then that you will certainly find the time if you think that this habit will guarantee your psychological and your physical health, since mind and body are related. You're not only going to have the wisest counsellor that you could ever find at your disposition in the unconscious, you'll also save time and money because you won't need a doctor. You'll mainly find your peace of mind and happiness, which are more important than anything else!

Christina, that is beautiful. I can hardly wait to close my eyes for a good night's sleep and hopefully, make sweet dreams.

You can learn more about Christina Sponias by visiting her website,

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